About us

We are two brothers Harry and William who share the same passion for nature and our environment.

When we discovered the unspoilt corner of Eastern Crete with its natural beauty and charms both past and present we were captivated by this very special place.

Harry settled here in 2014 after meeting his fiancee Eleni and started this wonderful journey buying the two fields which have 200 mature olive trees. Learning to farm in the traditional way within the village of Zakros and striving to learn more through research in sustainable natural farming methods. Particularly the culturing and use of microbiology to rebuild and regenerate soils in our fields. 

William is both hands on at the farm and key to orchestrating the running of the business based in the UK. He spends 3 months of the year in Zakros, harvesting and tending the fields while his other time is spent leading the company.

Together we continually try to improve all areas of what we do. Sustainability and harmony is at the heart of everything. We take care from every olive in the field to every bottle delivered. We are excited to share our extra virgin olive oil with you.